A Nunnery—The Bookmarks Folder labelled “⚪ Check Daily”


I’m still struggling with writing about the heavier topics on my mind. I’ve fallen back into a cycle of writing and deleting—however, there’s one difference this time around: I have the lighter series I introduced last post —A Nunnery! Here’s one of those important plain habits I promised: The Bookmarks Folder labelled “⚪ Check Daily”…

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BDE—Basic Diagram Energy (part 3)


In part two, we started applying my Base Case diagram to writer’s block. Specifically, we loosely mapped out Jean Doe’s path. We also noted how zooming in on a section of the diagram by one level increases the complexity and granularity of it. Today, we’ll map out Roybert’s path—well, at least start anyway…

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The Clown and the Rakes—part 3


I ended part two right after addressing my middle name. I’ve started editing it to incorporate suggestions and address criticism from readers: thank you so much for the feedback! I’m saving those edits for a complete draft of The Clown and the Rakes. Today, we’re moving onto my last name… (Like all my posts thus far, this is a draft, so I especially welcome feedback, criticism, or any productive engagement…)

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