404 Happiness Not Found


Thirty years. 

That’s how long I’ve tried society’s suggestions to create a life worth living. Unfortunately, I keep receiving the same error message:

404 Happiness Not Found

I struggled (and continue to struggle) with mental illness, so it’s no wonder that conventional approaches failed. Then 2020 happened… You might say “Roybert, 2020 sucked for everyone,” but that attitude’s part of the problem that led to this moment—it didn’t suck for everyone. For example, Beff Jezos had a great year… Look, I’m obviously not Beff Jezos. Financially, I’m closer to the (presumably company-issued) portable worker dehydration reservoirs (i.e. pee bottles)… Despite that, 2020 improved my quality of life drastically. How?

My entire life I assumed I was an impostor—a failure. I couldn’t integrate functionally (enough) into society. I alone was the reason why happiness eluded me. That started changing near the start of the pandemic when I switched from biweekly to weekly psychotherapy sessions. This created the environment and time to learn way more than I’d expected. I binge-consumed media (no, not the socially acceptable gossip that we call news), but the requisite audiobooks, podcasts, and articles to learn new things I actually cared about. I discovered my fascination with writing, improved my relationships with my family (extended and immediate), strengthened my friendships, and improved my mental health overall. My self-confidence skyrocketed as my faith in society—as a whole—plummeted. Seeing how poorly people handled the situation surprisingly vindicated me. I’ll elaborate eventually, but the following should sum up my perspective on the matter: if you can run around wearing bedsheets, you can walk about wearing a mask… <(ப_ப”)> 

Ultimately, I’m tired of burning my time following conventional advice—the sort people think is in my best interest, but actively interferes with my progress… For some reason people confuse their lack of context with objectivity…  This site is me going all-in on doing things my way—it’s a memoir. It’s a backup of my life’s experiences, thoughts, and memories. I want to tell my (and my family’s) story here. I see no point in rehashing things you can find elsewhere, so I’ll focus on what sets me apart; this includes a combination of my focusses and traits.

I care most about the following issues (not exhaustive, but definitely representative of):

  • Mental Health awareness and treatment
  • Genocide awareness and prevention
  • Children’s issues (e.g. eradicate child abuse, accessible free education)

Here are a few traits that (allegedly) set me apart from most:

  • Canadian Tamil
  • Chronic mental health issues
  • Weird (…)
  • Optimistic pragmatist (or pragmatic optimist?)
  • Use humour to cope and/or communicate

Expect daily posts from August 2 onwards at 08:00 EST. I’ll start with 500 words/day for the first week of August and increase (gradually?) August 8 onwards…  Finally, since I hear people love announcements about announcements, I’ll tease you with the titles to my articles for the first week (in no particular order):

  • Triger Warning
  • The Straw that Broke the Tamil’s Back
  • M.E.S.S.
  • The word worth a thousand pictures
  • Sick Brags: I can pee standing up! 
  • When I say J’accuse, you say fake news: J’accuse!
  • Fuck Celibacy 

Thank you for your time,

Roybert S. Henanigans <(^_^)>
ADHD(?), BPD (“expired”), MDD, OCD, PTSD

P.S.—You can reach me at justcallmeroybert@gmail.com 

P.P.S.—I’m not interested in doxxing for a whole host of reasons—which I’ll explain in “M.E.S.S.”—so I’ve altered people’s names in my articles. Apart from names, the content’s autobiographical.


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