I’m back.

I had delayed posts due to technical issues. It took longer than expected to receive my laptop, but blaming it on the tech belies the point: I delayed things of my own volition. Was I procrastinating? Slacking? Not exactly. The delay helped me build up a backlog—enough of a backlog that I never have to cease posting moving forward regardless of technical issues.

Onto today’s post:


If you’re reading my stuff, there’s a fair chance you’ll encounter something transgressive. This includes the usual taboo topics such as mental health, violence, abuse, etc., but it also extends to other things like spoilers. Now, I’m not going to spoil media—e.g. films, novels—without warning unless that media was released more than fifteen years ago. This might sound nebulous; that’s because it is! Here are a few examples:

  • Snape killed Dumbledore.
  • Brad Pitt and Edward Norton play the same guy in Fight Club: Tyler Durden.
  • The Titanic sinks.
  • Santa exists: people who claim otherwise just can’t accept they’ve been blacklisted…
  • My (legal) name is not Roybert.

Perfect. I think that sums things up nicely. Consider yourself warned… Since I’m just drawing people back into my site, I’ve kept this post short and positive (more positive than you should expect from this site). At 16:30 EST tomorrow, I’ll balance out the positivity by addressing harassment, domestic abuse, or justice—maybe I’ll tackle all three… First though, I’m gauging interest before I schedule tomorrow’s post—i.e. I’m asking readers what they’d rather read about tomorrow. If you have a strong preference for either of those topics, please feel free to message me via my contact page (or personal number, if you have that already)!

Moving forward I’ll post word counts for my articles: tomorrow’s article will have a minimum of 575 words.

Thank you for your time,
Roybert S. Henanigans

NOTE 1: Merriam-Webster entry for TRIgER… Yes, I know. If you clicked on it though, I think I’ve proven my point! The point was to elicit a reaction.


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