One-way Empathy: It’s not me, it’s you (Introduction)

I’ve started freewriting intending to write the first “real” chapter of my book. Though I’ve only started, I’ve already run into my first problem: I can’t figure out what I should title my book…. Sure, I don’t need a title to write, but working on something with a name makes it much easier to discuss.Continue reading “One-way Empathy: It’s not me, it’s you (Introduction)”

Shifty Shades of Cray: BYOT

Ahoyhoy™, We left off right before I introduce you to the first incident at the camp. As I was writing my first draft I was chatting with a friend. Chatting with friends/family helps my writing immensely—that’s how this topic arose. Running a few ideas by them convinced me that life will be easier for everyoneContinue reading “Shifty Shades of Cray: BYOT”