Roysplainin’—pooL (part 1)

Some things are hard to explain. Some things need a lot of setup. This is not one of those things. This is simple. It’s straightforward. It’s an extremely short story about something we’ve all experienced, yet something we overlook (intentionally or unintentionally) in our lives. I guess this is sort of a parable—though t’s justContinue reading “Roysplainin’—pooL (part 1)”

Roysplainin’—Chunk Timers

This is the companion piece to A Nunnery—Habit No. 2: Phone within arm’s reach. Habit No. 2 looks normal because it is. Practically everyone has a smartphone on them nowadays—what a time to be alive! However, this is about the abnormal part—more important part. This is about the Chunk Timers. As usual, when addressing somethingContinue reading “Roysplainin’—Chunk Timers”

The Clown and the Rakes—part 3

I ended part two right after addressing my middle name. I’ve started editing it to incorporate suggestions and address criticism from readers: thank you so much for the feedback! I’m saving those edits for a complete draft of The Clown and the Rakes. Today, we’re moving onto my last name… (Like all my posts thusContinue reading “The Clown and the Rakes—part 3”