One-way Empathy: It’s not me, it’s you (Dark Humour–part 1)


The flashbacks have become more disruptive, but I wanted to get myself back on track by posting something: nothing long (or thicc), just something… I hope to post more soon, but the flashbacks are more annoying than usual. I considered writing about them, but I can’t quite decide whether or not it’s appropriate—for me or for others. Is it appropriate? I welcome any input on the matter with one key exception: don’t message me with the primary goal/expectation “to make me feel better.” That’s a huge waste of everyone’s time despite intentions… Everything else is fair game though! E.g. thoughts, how you feel, criticism (ideally constructive, but I’ll take what I can get)… Anyway, here’s a tiny snippet of a chapter…

Dark Humour–part 1

What’s the point of communication? To communicate! That’s the obvious answer. Is it helpful? It depends: what are you trying to communicate? If you’re just using it to start a conversation, sure—it provides some structure. If you’re trying to define the word to someone who’s never come across it—no, it’s not especially helpful. At that point it sounds more like a sloppy definition you’d hear from an abashed six-year old who neglected their homework—one who hoped writing something down would hide their hasty efforts…

NOTE: You might be thinking "That example's weirdly specific; it's almost as if he's lived the experience." At this point in time, I can neither confirm nor deny that you might be onto something…

On a completely unrelated note… We’re going back to grade 1—well, my first grade experience… I’m introducing one of my antagonists: homework. Sure, sometimes homework can help, but that’s the exception to the rule.

NOTE: Though I wanted to say homework never helps, I avoided generalizing since nothing in life lacks exception—except this generalization.

In reality, homework—and honestly, conventional schooling—sucked. Before you get the wrong idea, please remember that I’m talking about my experience. I’m not claiming it’s the normal experience, nor am I saying “I shouldn’t have completed a formal education.” To be clear, if I had to start all over again, I’d still complete a formal education up until graduating with an undergraduate (or perhaps a professional) degree—so I don’t want you misunderstanding pointed criticism as “don’t complete school.” It’s more of an analysis of what could be better, and what worked—for me. I’ll save the rest of the school rant for another day; I got a little caught up in the moment…

Back to my introduction to the concept of homework—let’s start with my first homework assignment; it was one of the classics: the vocabulary list.

  1. Copy down a list of words
  2. Define the list of words
  3. Use each word in a sentence

As it was my first school assignment, I was excited. To understand why, you’d need to see it through my six-year old version’s eyes.

NOTE: Before I get to that, let's examine it through my current version's eyes: 

$@#& off; I graduated already! I'm too old for this...

Thank you for your time,
Roybert S. Henanigans

P.S. 96: I’ve updated my Contact Me page explaining how you can help me if you choose to. This includes a messaging form, my gmail address, my Twitter account, and a donation button to my Ko-Fi page. I’ll update specifics gradually. If there’s one thing I could ask for above all else, I’d ask for two. Then I’d use one of those two to say that the best way to help is to share my work with someone.

On a serious note, thank you so much for reading—it truly means the world to me.


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